Top Strengths
Strengths Finder 2.0 by Tom Rath


Education & Training
Certified Adlerian Life Coach, Adler Graduate School
Certified Equine Guided Coaching – Wisdom Horse Coaching
Equine Assisted Growth and Leaning Association (EAGALA) Part 1 Training
Family Time Series Certification, O.K. Corral
Master of Arts in Psychology, Adler Graduate School
Master of Arts in Theatre, North Dakota State University
Bachelor of Science in Theatre Arts, Utah State University

Coaching Foundations
Individual Psychology – Alfred Adler
Student of Learned Optimism – Dr. Martin Seligman
A Whole New Mind by Daniel Pink
The Law of Attraction
Equine Guided Coaching – Wisdom Horse Coaching
EAGALA Coaching Model

Career Paths
Life Coach
Equine Guided Coach
Arts Administrator
Radio News Reporter and Arts Producer
Television producer of children’s programming
Teacher in Secondary Education


Coaches are professionals who….
See clients as the experts for their own lives
See clients as Creative, Resourceful and Complete
Guide clients in discovering their own solutions

HorseSong Coaching includes….
Focusing on moving clients forward
Guiding clients in discovering possibilities
Supporting clients in making significant changes
Providing equine guided coaching experiences to enhance the benefits of coaching


If there was nothing to stop you from living the life you were born to live, if money were no object, if you had all the time in the world, if there was no one to say you couldn’t, if you knew for sure you would succeed…
What would you do?
Who would you be?
What are the possibilities you would create for yourself?
As your coach I would love to explore the answers to these compelling questions. The answers will start you on an amazing ride. Trust me, you will soon be singing in full voice.