“The more I spend time with them [horses], the more I feel the music of total integration rumbling from the depths.  They’re tuning me to sing a new song, gently wishing me toward an expanded view of what’s possible.”     Linda Kohanov  Riding Between Worlds

Equine Guide Life Coaching and Personal Growth is a unique opportunity for you to experience the natural gifts of horses as you go for the high notes in your life. It can be integrated into a series of individual or group coaching sessions or the featured component of a personal growth retreat.

Equine Guided Professional Development and Training is a dynamic, even powerful, approach to executive coaching, leadership training, team building, or addressing challenges facing organizations of all kinds. This should be music to your ears.

Why Horses?

  • Horses and humans share a similar societal structure — both have their herds, but horses are experts when it comes social or emotional intelligence (EQ).

    1. Horses are curious, intuitive and responsive — qualities worth developing.

    2. Horses respond to what they sense in humans — an opportunity for self-discovery.

    3. Horses are completely authentic and respond to authenticity — you can’t fool a horse.

    4. Horses don’t judge — humans learn best when there is no judgment attached.

    5. Horses, by virtue of the size and power, command human attention.

Why Choose an Experience?

  • A distinct advantage to learning by doing (a basic definition of Experiential Learning) is the engagement of all of the senses. Your are in a different environment with different sights, sounds, smells, sensations.

  • The impact of what is learned from an experience can be greater because there are emotional and physical sensations added to the intellectual learning. The learning is more complete.

  • There is more clarity in the recall of the learning associated with an experience. The recall can be more powerful because both mind and body are engaged in the learning.

  • This experience, which brings horses and humans together, is successful because of its defining feature of self-discovery.

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