I love the word retreat.  It conjures an image of a get-away-place for refreshment, rejuvenation and renewal.  Perfect. In your personal life and in your work life you need these things.  Getting away from your usual environment opens up the opportunity to experience something other than the day-to-day.  It’s the perfect set-up for learning in a whole, new way.  

An equine guided retreat offers an experience that’s not only unique and fun, but powerful — an experience that’s not only life refreshing but life changing.

HorseSong Coaching can give you such retreat experience for personal as well as professional growth.

HorseSong Create-Your-Retreat for Personal and Professional Growth

  • Put together a group of like minded friends, colleagues or associates, workplace teams, departments or executive groups
  • Select a retreat topic or focus
  • Schedule the date

Retreat groups can very in size.  Large numbers will be divided into groupings of 4-7 for the equine learning experiences.